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Return Policy & Guarantee
  • Returns are accepted within 14 days from the original date of sale on new items. Items must be in the original condition of purchase. If items are not returned in the original condition, a 10% restocking fee will be subtracted from the refunded amount.

  • If an item is returned after 14 days from the original date of sale, store credit will be issued within 30 days, upon management approval.

  • Items not in their original condition will be not be accepted after 14 days of the original date of sale.

  • Custom and special orders, engraved items, or modified items are not returnable.

  • Estate and gallery items are sold as-is, with no guarantee or warranty.

  • A six month guarantee on new merchandise for manufacturer defects, loose stones, and normal wear and tear on the item.

    • Examples of normal wear and tear:

      • Scratches and Scuffs: Minor surface scratches on rings, bracelets, or watch bands due to regular contact with hard surfaces.

      • Fading: Slight fading or tarnishing of metal finishes, like gold plating on necklaces or earrings, due to exposure to air, water, and body oils.

      • Loosening of Prongs: The gradual loosening of prongs holding gemstones as a result of continuous wear.

      • Clasp Wear: The weakening or loosening of clasps and hinges from repeated use.

    • Examples of excessive damage that are not covered by the six month warranty:

      • Impact Damage: Deep dents, significant scratches, or broken pieces caused by dropping the jewelry or hitting it against hard surfaces.

      • Chemical Exposure: Corrosion or discoloration from exposure to harsh chemicals such as cleaning agents, bleach, or swimming pool chlorine.

      • Improper Storage: Damage from storing jewelry inappropriately, such as tangling necklaces, bending delicate pieces, or allowing heavier items to crush lighter ones.

      • Excessive Force: Bent or misshapen jewelry from pulling, twisting, or putting undue pressure on the item.

      • Neglect: Ignoring necessary maintenance, such as not securing loose stones or repairing damaged clasps, leading to further damage.

  • All refunds are credited to the same tender as the original purchase.

  • A one year guarantee is offered on watch repairs and batteries.​

See any store associate for additional questions.

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