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This work depicts story elements from the "Tale of the Genji", a novel written in the 11th century by the noblewoman, Murasaki Skikibu. This print was likely part of a limited series. We are aware of several other copies, but there are no series or edition numbers indicated. The artist's chop mark is in the bottom right corner in Hiragana, 'Tensen-e" 天泉絵, for Ogyū Tensen 荻生天泉 (Japanese, 1882-1947). 


This print is a Japanese woodlbock featuring elegantly robed female figures seated beside musical instruments in a landscape, underneath and observing the full moon through golden clouds. It's an excellent example of a challenging medium, indicating mastery. 


*PLEASE NOTE: due to size and/or fragility this item is recommended for local pickup. If you are interested in shipping options please message us for a customized quote.


Dimensions: 35" Width x 26" Height (including frame)

"Sky Fountain" Woodblock Print by Oygu Tensen

SKU: 993-10352
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