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Two signed woodblock print by Toyokuni III put together depicting Kabuki Theatre actors. These prints were part of a triptych, the middle part is missing. Utagawa Kunisada (also known as Utagawa Toyokuni III, 1786-1865) was the most popular, prolific, and commercially successful designers of ukiyo-e woodblock prints in 19th century Japan. In his own time, his reputation far exceeded that of his contemporaries, Hokusai, Hiroshige, and Kuniyoshi. The scene shows the inside of a building with sliding doors overlooking a water garden landscape with cherry trees in the background. The patterns of the kimonos and wall screens are finely detailed. 


$400 or Best Offer. 


Dimensions: 18 1/2'' x 13 1/4''

Kunisada Toyokuni III (1786-1865) Diptych Woodblock Print of Kabuki Actors

SKU: 700-03452
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