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These four (4) panels appear to be 20th century Chinese decor, made from wood with a veneer of smooth, polished wood on the front. They are inlaid with colored hardstone and bone to portray the Four Great Beauties: Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diaochan, and Yang Guifei.


These four women gained their reputations for influencing kings and emperors. Their actions had great impact on Chinese history. Three of the four Great Beauties brought empires to their knees, with their lives coming to tragic ends. The panels have inlays on the bottom and top which represent a variety of Chinese Auspicious symbols (chrysanthemums, peaches, etc.) and precious things. 


Three of the four panels have received restoration: stone stabilization, replacement of hardstone and bone. 


*PLEASE NOTE: due to size and/or fragility this item is recommended for local pickup. If you are interested in shipping options please message us for a customized quote.


Dimensions: 50" Height x 14" Width

Material: Wood veneer panels inlaid with pieces of hardstone and bone (restoration)

Early 20th Century Chinese Four Great Beauties Panels

SKU: 993-10342
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