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Emanating an air of understated elegance and cultural allure, these 14-karat white gold jade dangle earrings are a testament to timeless sophistication. Suspended delicately from the earlobes, each earring showcases a smooth, polished jade gemstone, exuding a serene green hue that evokes tranquility and balance.


The translucent jade stones, carefully selected for their quality and natural beauty, sway gently with movement, catching the light in a mesmerizing dance. The simplicity of their design allows the richness of the jade to take center stage, complemented by the lustrous backdrop of the white gold setting.


The craftsmanship is impeccable, with the white gold meticulously formed into an elegant dangle, providing a graceful frame for the jade gemstones. These earrings are a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity, making them a versatile and captivating accessory that effortlessly enhances any ensemble with a touch of refined allure.

14 Karat White Gold Jade Dangle Earrings

SKU: 275-01617
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