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This extraordinary ring features a stunning 5.25-carat garnet, capturing attention with its deep red hue, and is delicately complemented by sparkling diamonds totaling 0.11 carats.


At the center of this masterpiece is the impressive 5.25-carat garnet, a gemstone known for its deep, rich color and symbolic associations with passion and vitality. The platinum setting enhances the garnet's natural beauty, providing a durable and luxurious backdrop for this captivating stone.


Surrounding the garnet are dazzling diamonds, meticulously set to add a touch of brilliance and enhance the overall allure of the ring. The carefully selected diamonds, totaling 0.11 carats, create a harmonious contrast with the deep red garnet, adding a layer of sophistication to the design.


The setting is designed to allow light to interact with the gemstones, maximizing their brilliance and creating a captivating display of color and sparkle. The platinum band, both refined and enduring, ensures a comfortable fit while maintaining a sense of opulence.

Platinum Garnet & Diamond Ring

SKU: 250-02580
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