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This Edo Japanese incense burner, or censer, embodies the typical style of that period. It has an ivory-colored body decorated with a polychromatic color palette including the iconic iron-red, bluish green, and minimal yellow. The entire piece is coverd in a finely crackled transparent glaze. Around the body, panels depict scholarly scenes of period life and detailed florals.


Two shishi dog head protrude form either side of the body while two more protrude from the tiered censer bowl. The censer comes in three pieces with a large roofed body, a smaller inset censer bowl and a small windowed cap with a balled handle. Take this beautiful piece home and discover new details every day and from every angle. A makers mark is stamped onto the bottom of the inset censer bowl.


This piece has had restoration done on the inset censer bowl. Please see photos for restoration work. 


Dimensions: 11.5" Diameter x 13" Height

Edo Japanese Multi-Part Incense Burner

SKU: 700-03190
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