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A Japanese woodblock print by Tsukioka Kogyo (1869-1927) of the old woman Higaki performing a dance she did for Fujiwara no Okinori as a part of the play Higaki. This beautiful print is a part of a series called Nogaku Hyakuban or "One Hundred Prints of Noh." This series was created shortly before Tsukioka Kogyo's death. This print was done around 1925.
This print is in great condition and has very little wear. There is some wear around the frame's edges, but the back of the frame is partly wood and is in good condition.
Dimensions: 21'' x 14 1/2''
Frame can be removed prior to shipping or pickup upon request.

Woodblock Print of Old Woman Higaki by Tsukioka Kogyo

SKU: 700-01034
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