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We are pleased to offer this pair of Tang Dynasty, Chinese, terracotta, Lokapala figures/statues. Guardians of Buddhist temples, these well-modeled figures/statues are shown wearing fierce expressions with turned down mouths, protruding eyes, and furrowed brows.


Both are shown trampling a skeleton-like figure atop a modeled based. Right arm raised with the left clenched at his side, the first figure has taken a menacing stance. Interesting in nature, his helmet contains side panels along with top knots. The other figure, with both hands clenched and extended to its side, wears a helmet adorned with a perching, mythological bird whose head, wings and tail feathers form the brim and crown. Both figures wear armored breastplates bound with cord at the waist over short tunic robes. Wing-like epaulets along their shoulders, leggings and boots provide added aesthetics to these already handsome statues.


Traces of oxide paints can be seen along the arms, breastplates, skirts of the armor and faces of both. Please note, due to their age, restoration has likely occurred throughout the years.


*PLEASE NOTE: due to size and/or fragility this item is recommended for local pickup. If you are interested in shipping options please message us for a customized quote.


Dimensions: 27” x 12.5” x 9” (figure with hand raised; resting upon stand (not pictured)); 26” x 10” x 6” (figure with hands clenched at sides; no stand available).

Tang Dynasty Chinese Terra Cotta Lokapala Figures/Statues

SKU: 799-12150
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