Large grey and green colored Jadeite Archers Ring. Qing style, 19th-20th Century.  Dimensionally carved with opposing Shi-Shi lion dogs holding peacock feather fans in their jaws.  Carvings are enhanced by the green patches in the material with the tip of the fan folding over the top of the ring.  Nicely carved.  Carvings appear to be newer.  Some polishing over older chips.

1” High X 1 ¼” Dia.   ¾” Dia. Hole

Modern Ring Size Approximately 11


More about this collection:

These 35 Jadeite Archers Rings were once part of an unusual set of table accessories which were made into salt and pepper shakers, place card holders and candle holders.  Work was done by famed jewelers, “Carvin French” of New York in the 1960’s.  The Archers Rings all appear to be Chinese, Qing Style, most likely 19th, 20th, century.  The rings themselves are possibly old with newer carvings added for enhancement.







Qing Era Jadeite Archers Ring w Shi-Shi Dogs & Peacock Feathers

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