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Woven bags, called Aluks, made up part of men's traditional ceremonial costumes among the Atoni of West Timor. This bag could have contained betel nut paraphernalia.


Dutch white trade beads dating from the 1940s adorn the sides of the bag and the bottom of the wrapped fringe. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship, the Aluk is hand woven and hand embroidered with supplementary weft wrapping. A magical multi-colored, geometric embroidered motif graces both the front and back of the Aluk. Bone beads adorn the apex of the bag, also serving as a closure mechanism. The bag hangs from a custom wire base. 


Dimensions: 33-inches tall (including fringe)

20th Century West Timor Men's Ceremonial Betel Nut Aluk with Glass Trade Beads

SKU: 799-12436
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