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An amazing sculpture, this piece was carved from a single block of white marble. It depicts the Hindu god Vishu in three of his incantations.


The main figure is Vishnu himself in human form, Varaha - the boar - on the left, and Narasimha - the lion - on the right.  Vishnu wears a collar necklace, flowing trousers and sandals. The figure and avatar are framed by an arched niche. Vishnu is holding a discus in his right hand and a water pot in his left with a fragment of a mace in one of the upper right hands.


Several hands and objects have broken off over the years. Two recumbent animals flank Visnhu on either side at his feet. Ancient Sanskrit letters are inscribed on the front of the base. Piece has been restored in-house, plaster seams are somewhat visible.


Dimension: 23" Height x 11" Width x 5" Depth

Material: Marble

17th/18th Century Indian Marble Hindu Tri-Murti Vishnu Statue

SKU: 993-10339
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