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Crafted with exquisite artistry, this 14-carat yellow gold ring exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. At its center is a lustrous pearl, its creamy iridescence contrasting beautifully against the golden band, reminiscent of moonlit elegance. Encircling the pearl are .12 CTTW diamonds and .20 CTTW sapphires, adding a touch of regal charm. Each sapphire embodies a captivating depth, echoing the mystery of the night sky.


The craftsmanship of this ring is impeccable, with the gold band expertly molded to accentuate the gemstones' beauty while ensuring comfort and durability. Its design seamlessly blends classic allure with contemporary grace, making it a captivating statement piece for any occasion—a symbol of refined taste and timeless beauty.

14 Karat Yellow Gold .12CTW Diamond, Pearl, & .20CTW Sapphire Ring

SKU: 551-12101
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