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New! Exquisite Japanese Art Deco Lacquer Box

Fine Japanese Art Deco Lacquer Box with Silver Relief and Mother of Pearl Inlay, with Pegasus, Clouds & Stars

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This fine lacquer box is an incredible find, some of the best lacquer work we have seen in the store for many years. The piece is in beautiful, pristine condition and was recently cleaned by our restoration team, so the details seem to glow from within. The box could be a museum piece, a true stand out in any lacquer collection. More images can be provided upon request.

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Box measures approximately 12.75" h x 10" w x 4" d

$7,500 This box dates to 1937, and features an exquisitely detailed, silver relief Pegasus figure leaping through mother-of-pearl lined dark metallic clouds over a glowing globe, depicting Japan in the center. The cloud motif extends around the edges of the box lid to the sides. The sides and back are in perfect condition, covered in a dark, near black lacquer. Silver lines the entire box top edge. The box interior contains a star motif, with 3 star inlays inside the bottom of the box and 3 star inlays inside the cover. Each star is surrounded by gorgeous, sparkling metallic lacquer orbs set against a deep black finish. The lacquer box is accompanied by its original wooden container box that bears several inscriptions by the makers. Our translation of the Japanese text is that the box was a special gift crafted in Kyoto for a paper manufacturing company in Tokyo upon their 20th Anniversary. The four names of the original craft artists are listed from right to left as Gyozan and Bunshu as Heiian Makie artists, and Sankizan and Syosai as lacquer artists. Some of our translator’s notes: Sankizan listed in the third name as Kyo Nuri shi (master of lacquer painter in Kyoto)

Bunshu or Bunsu may have a different pronunciation.

Artists having the name of "heian" are often seen as well-established lacquerware production companies in Kyoto who have supplied their products to imperial families for a hundred years.

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